LED Headlights For Western, Fisher, SnowEx, Meyer & Snowdogg Snowplows


LED Headlights For Western, Fisher, SnowEx, Meyer & Snowdogg Snowplows

So you want to upgrade to LED lights on your snow plow, but you’re not sure how to do it or you don’t want to pay the high sticker price of Boss LED plow lights and then try to retrofit them to work with your plow?  

Well if you have a Snowdogg, Western, Fisher, Snowex, or Meyer plow then we have the perfect solution for you. We’ve been testing several options and we’ve finally found some LED bulbs that can hold up to the rigors of plowing snow and cost about half of the regular light kits. We did find some other bulbs that technically worked but that gave out prematurely or were not bright enough for the price.

The LED low beam replacement bulbs we’ve hand-selected have shown to perform in all winter weather conditions. We only change the Low Beam for three reasons. First, the High Beam lights on most newer plows are already bright enough. Second, by keeping one halogen bulb in the headlight casing it allows your plow lights to still generate enough heat to melt ice from the lens. Third, all new plows have dual burn headlights, so the High and Low beams will activate at the same time. If you changed to LED on a dual burn headlight, it would be too bright and might be more susceptible to blowing a fuse.  Below are links you need for each brand.




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This years catalog features over 19 pages of just "V" Box or "Hopper" Salt Spreader parts for such names as Flink, Highway, Henderson, Swenson, Gledhill, Boss, Buyers, Fisher & Western to name a few.

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