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Western Poly V-box Spreaders

Western Tornado V-Box Hopper Salt and Sand Spreaders

For versatile ice control, whether on your pickup truck or dump, the TORNADO spreader is unstoppable. Designed as a single piece poly mold, including hinged lids to keep your material dry. With a fully adjustable chute, allowing both standard and extended chute configurations without having to purchase an additional chute assembly. Available in three sizes, there’s a TORNADO spreader just right for your snow and ice control contracting business.

Part # 78000
Tornado Poly Hopper 1.5Cu Yd with ADJUSTABLE Chute height

List Price: $6,758.00

Part # 78003
Tornado1.8 Cu Yd Poly Hopper Spreader with Adjustable Chute

List Price: $8,324.00

Part # 78006
Tornado Poly Hopper Spreader 2.5Cu Yd with ADJUSTABLE Chute assembly

List Price: $9,365.00