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Fisher Lower Gear 1.0" Pins (8550-22240-22135)
Part Number: 8561

List Price: $512.02

CPW Price: $458.87

This "Lower Head Gear"  is used on the RD (Regular Duty)  Series of MM1 Fisher Snowplows.


It is easy to confuse this RD Lower Headgear with the HD Lower Headgear.  The easiest way to determine if your Lower Headgear is a RD (Regular Duty) or the HD (Heavy Duty) is to measure the width of the ears on the A/Frame that hook the A/F to the headgear.  

HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE:    The RD A/Frames have a width of aproximately 22.5"  The HD A/Frames have a width of approximately 25.5"