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16' Scoop Dogg Snow Pusher - Loader type
Part Number: 2601116

List Price: $6,816.00

CPW Price: $5,090.40

Introducing a new line from Buyers, these new snowpushers go by the name "Scoop Dogg".  Highly effective, yet highly affordable.  They feature:

1.  An Extreme Duty H-Beam Design 
- 14" Push beam for superior support.

2. Extra Durable Lower Posts
- Bottom support posts are fully welded giving the posts the same strength as a boxed-in gusset support with far less cost.  This keeps the post higher off the ground.  In case of accidental roll back, the bottom post does not get destroyed.

3. Ultra Support Upper Posts

- Upper post support tubes eliminate the need for costly channel rolls.  They are fully seam-welded and spaced for maximum effectiveness in lending support to the over all strength of the pusher.

4. Properly positioned inside posts and 3/8" side plates, help prevent collapsing sides on accidental impact during extreme operation.

5. Toughest Wear Shoes
- Wear shoes are made from AR400 steel for far greater wear life than most competitors wear shoes.

6. Cutting edge is 1-1/2 x 10" Goodyear rubber compound. The right edge for all your needs.

7. Comes equipped with a bolt-on adjustable universal coupler to accommodate practically any skid loader on the market. (Skid-Steer models only)

8. Industry Exclusive Powder Coat Finish
- For durability and corrosion resistance.

9. Capacity: 21 yd.

10. Loader Size (Min.): 2.5 yd. Loader

Helpful Links:  The following link will direct you to Optional Accessories that will compliment your new Snowpusher, and Replacement Parts that will keep it in top shape.

Snowpusher Options

16' Loader Specific Replacement Parts

"Price may reflect PreSeason Pricing based on Inventory, However if a item is on Backorder the In-Season Price will be implemented and you will be notified immediately upon submission of order"