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Meyer Snowplows

Meyer Snowplows - Rebate Program 2014 

Central Parts Warehouse is your #1 Meyer Snowplow and Meyer Snow plow Parts supplier on the web, PERIOD.


Meyer Snowplows come in many types, sizes and models - one perfectly suited for every job!  From the Meyer Drive Pro for smaller trucks and smaller jobs, to the Standard Duty for individual contractors, Meyer has it all.  For those large jobs that call for a rugged plow, check out the Meyer Lot Pro.  Have a job the Lot Pro can’t handle?  Check out the NEW Meyer Road Pro and Heavyweight lines.  Looking for flexibility and maneuverability?  The new Meyer Super-V is the answer.  In an effort to make your search for the exact Meyer Snowplow easier, we have divided the listings into the seven different Meyer Snowplow categories: 1) the Meyer "Drive Pro" Snowplows 2) the older Meyer EZ Mount Classic Snowplows 3) the NEWER Meyer EZ Mount PLUS Snowplows 4) the Meyer EZ Xpress Snowplows 5) the Meyer NEW Road Pro Snowplows 6) the Meyer Heavy Weight and 7) the Meyer Super-V/V2 Snowplows.


Simply click on the model of the Meyer Snow plow you prefer and then the size you are looking for, or click here for Meyer Snowplow parts.

Your cost is based on our "Pre-Season" purchases and are subject to availability.
When we run out of allotted "Pre-Season" plows, please add $150.00 to the posted price.

Meyer Steel Blade Specifications
Meyer Poly Blade Specifications

*Meyer 9' & 10' Heavy Weight Plows do NOT come with light kits. If lights are needed, please add: $200 to your cost.
NOTE: Please add $35.00 to your cost for 99/00 GM & Ford Super Duty Trucks.

Freight Charges:
Use this chart as a guide line. For exact cost, please call with your Zip Code. For example, we can ship a 700 lb. plow to almost anywhere in NY for $170.00 BUT there are certain Zip Codes that could run the cost to $200.00 or higher.
This chart was developed for populated areas. Typically, rural areas cost more - more so in the West.

  6-1/2' - 7' 7-1/2' - 8-1/2' ALL 9' and 10'
*East of Ohio $190.00 $225.00 $300.00
*Iowa to Ohio $170.00 $200.00 $280.00
*West of Iowa $245.00 $295.00 $425.00

Multiple plows dramatically decrease freight costs. Call for an exact quote.